The patient’s breath stinks “have you been cleaning those teeth?” “yes nurse” “Not for a couple of days, judging from the plaque I’ve peeled off this one, you’re going to punished. Turn up the electrics doctor” “wuuuurrrrgh, wuuurrrgh, wuuurRRGH” the patient thrashes wildly. “Oh for God’s sake” shouts Nurse l’Amour in frustration picking up a flogger and whipping the patient’s cock. “I’m getting the hang of this now” announces Dr Dyre triumphantly “Well that’s good” says Nurse l’Amour laughing. The patient howls and thrashes, breaking free of the medical restraints. “T don’t think there’s any hope for him doctor, to be honest. I think he might just never cum. Never mind doctor, you can’t help them all”

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