“I’ve been on my feet all day and my feet are very tired doctor”. “Would you like me to message them? the doctor removes the nurse’s shoes and sniffs them “the aroma - mmmm” “What is is that you like about the smell doctor?” “They smell of you nurse. “Have you ever kissed a woman’s feet?” “Yes - would I be allowed to kiss your feet nurse?” Yes go ahead” “Thank you nurse”. The doctor plants kisses all over nurse Vivienne’s lovely feet.

The doctor sucks nurse Vivienne’s toes one at a time. “You’ve spent quite a lot of time on that foot doctor - are you planning to do the other one?” “Well I’m not sure I’m allowed to do these things nurse. “Well you’re not but I’ll keep your secret if you keep mine”. What’s your secret nurse?” “I’ll tell you if you massage my other foot properly. Good - my secret is - I’m very good friends with an anaesthetist and as he puts patients under I like to fondle their penises and stick my fingers in their ass holes”.

(This full length version contains two clips)

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