Madame Caramel - Nipple Torment and Ass Worship 0
Madame Caramel - Nipple Torment and Ass Worship 1
Madame Caramel - Nipple Torment and Ass Worship 2
Madame Caramel - Nipple Torment and Ass Worship 3
Madame Caramel - Nipple Torment and Ass Worship 4

Slave Jimmy knows what his duties are, as a useless white male wimp he's jobs is to do whatever his BBB wnts him to do.

What Madame Caamel wants Madame Caramel gets as she subjects slave Jimmy's nipples to horrific torments, using bulldog clips, mousetraps and weights. More pain for the slave as Madame Caramel gives his white ass a good hard thrashing with a cane

Once Jimmy has been properly subjugated Madame Caramel sits on his face and and instructs him to worship her beautiful big black butt.

Slave Jimmy knoews that, as a worthless white male, he's not permitted to go anywhere near Madame Caramel's delicious pussy, and that his job is to lick her ass hole whenever required.


Dominatrix V and Mistress Akella

2013-04-18 Mistress Akella 99:13 minutes Femdom
Dominatrix V and Mistress Akella 0
Dominatrix V and Mistress Akella 1
Dominatrix V and Mistress Akella 2
Dominatrix V and Mistress Akella 3
Dominatrix V and Mistress Akella 4

Dominatrix V is a hot fiery redhead and Mistress Akella is an ice cool blonde.

These two Pro Dommes turn a helpless male victim into their feminised slut, hoisting him in a sling and fucking him at both ends with their strap-on dildos, before subjecting him to wank control.

There's nothing these two bitchesd won't do to humiiate and subject their male victims and the male slave finds he's cuming helplessly (and withoput permission) as they fuck him with their large strap-on dildos.

Of course there's a price to pay for coming without permission, as Mistress Akella reminds him as she shoves the point of her stiletto shoe up his ass and then makes him lick it clean.

So its out with the cane and the slave is told to wank himself off for their amusement






Callous Nurse Claudia

2013-04-11 Mistress Claudia 69:07 minutes Femdom
Callous Nurse Claudia 0
Callous Nurse Claudia 1
Callous Nurse Claudia 2
Callous Nurse Claudia 3
Callous Nurse Claudia 4

Nurse Claudia is giving a new patient a very thorough workout.

Just to make sure he doesn't leave prematurely nurse secures him to the medical chair before subjecting him to anal probes, electrics, sounds, catheterisation, nipple testing and an orgasm investigation

Mistress Claudia's Dungeon Session

2013-04-04 Mistress Claudia 41:50 minutes Femdom
Mistress Claudia's Dungeon Session 0
Mistress Claudia's Dungeon Session 1
Mistress Claudia's Dungeon Session 2
Mistress Claudia's Dungeon Session 3
Mistress Claudia's Dungeon Session 4

Mistress Claudia has got two slaves at her mercy and they're not going to leave until she's had her fun. She locks one of them in a cage and then proceeds to tie up and squeeze the other slave's balls, before putting him over a whipping bench to be paddled, flogged and caned.

Mistress inserts a vibrating implement in the slave's butt, then instructs both slaves in shoe worship

Once her shoes are shiny clean Mistress puts one of her slaves over a bench and tells him he's going to the other slave's cock while Mistress fucks him up the ass with her strapon dildo. The slave is required to suck that cock to creamy completion while being fucked in the abutt.


Miss Velour - Strict Office Boss

2013-03-28 Miss Velour 42:14 minutes Femdom
Miss Velour - Strict Office Boss 0
Miss Velour - Strict Office Boss 1
Miss Velour - Strict Office Boss 2
Miss Velour - Strict Office Boss 3
Miss Velour - Strict Office Boss 4

You won’t be able to resist the gorgeous Miss Velour as the strict female office boss. Miss Velour controls her office with a compelling and sexy severity.

One of her female staff has come to her office in tears, two male members of staff have been sexually harassing her. Miss Velour overhears their sexist remarks about the incident and decides to really make them pay.

They are going to learn exactly what it feels like to be used as a sex object.

Miss Velour starts by ordering them to drop their pants so that she can check their penises, these rapidly shrivel up under her harsh gaze and the men are subjected to humiliating mockery.

Miss Velour then gags one of these mouthy employees and clips his head harness to a leash, whilst bending the other one over her desk and shoving a butt plug up his ass, which she also clips to a leash. She makes them lick her shoes and then orders them both under her desk where they are made to crouch in abject humiliation while she finishes her work.

Not yet satisfied she bends one of the employees over her desk and paddles and canes his ass until it is red and throbbing, then puts on a large strapon dildo and fucks him up the butt.

And, just to remind them who is boss, she makes them suck each others cocks while she laughs in their faces

Mistress Ava Black and Goddess Cleo - Novice Slave 0
Mistress Ava Black and Goddess Cleo - Novice Slave 1
Mistress Ava Black and Goddess Cleo - Novice Slave 2
Mistress Ava Black and Goddess Cleo - Novice Slave 3
Mistress Ava Black and Goddess Cleo - Novice Slave 4

Mistress Ava Black and her friend Godess Cleo have dirty shoes and require the service of a slave. They select their victim and drag him up the stairs of the mansion home on a collar and leash and haul him into their bedroom. They tell him to kneel on the floor and clean their shoes with his tongue.


Unfortunatley for him the novice doesn't do a very good job on the Mistress's shoes so he has to be punished. They put him on the bed and his trousers are taken down, one Mistress stands on either side of him as they whale his butt with paddle and flogger while he has to count and thank them for this.


Once he has been suitably punished the two Mistresses decide to amuse themselves with his mouth, they get him to worship their deivine dtockinged feet and then cram his mouth with both their feet at once.


The two Mistresses discover that the slave is an anal virgin so they take him down to their dungeon and bend him over their whipping bench. Then both Mistresses fuck him at once, giving him a good spit roasting


Mistress Kiana

2013-02-21 Mistress Kiana 61:56 minutes Femdom
Mistress Kiana 0
Mistress Kiana 1
Mistress Kiana 2
Mistress Kiana 3
Mistress Kiana 4

Bare breasted Amazon Goddess Mistress Kiana has the most fantastic body we've ever seen. She has booty muscles which she could use to crack men's balls like so many walnuts.

This series of films sees Mistress Kiana in her element as she subjects slaves to various kinds of sensual and painful torments in her dungeon.

Locking one of her slaves in a cage and ordering him to watch, she secures the opther one to her cross, where, helpless and spread eagled, he finds his cock being subjected to electrical torment while Mistress bites his nipples and then attaches clamps to them, requiring him to grunt like a pig while she does this.

Mistess Kiana then frees her slave and permits him to suck and kiss her divine bare breasts.

She then puts her slave on the floor and straddles him hile attaching his arms and legs to spreader bars, so that he is spread eagled, then Mistress sits on his face, compelling himn to sniff her sweaty hot buttocks. Mistress then inserts a sound in his cock and the slave is required to thank Mistress profusely for this honour while she reminds him that his cock no longer belongs to him, because its now her possession. Mistress Kiana then bites the slave's nipples while he moans and squeals.

Mistress Kiana moves the slave to a sling where he's suspended and givien a good anal fucking by her strap-on cock.

Its now time for the second slave to receive Mistress Kiana's attentions. He's to be punished and Mistress puts him over a whipping bench for a good hard caning. Mistrss Kiana is ambidextrous and canes him from each side, first ten strokes with her left hand, then ten with her right.

Mistress Kiana has issued orders to a third slave to attend her because she is part way through leaving her mark on his butt and wishes to complete the job. Mistress lights a cigarette and uses him as her ash tray, blowing smoke into his mouth, then getting him to chew and swallow the butt.

As Mistress Kiana loves her cane she can't resist delivering a few whippy blows causing the slave to babble incoherently with pain, then its time to complete her work on his butt as she finishes off the letter K






Dominatrix V - Anal Strapon Hell

2013-02-14 Domina V Dominatrix 94:12 minutes Femdom
Dominatrix V - Anal Strapon Hell 0
Dominatrix V - Anal Strapon Hell 1
Dominatrix V - Anal Strapon Hell 2
Dominatrix V - Anal Strapon Hell 3
Dominatrix V - Anal Strapon Hell 4

Dominatrix V trained at the famous Saloon Kitty in Australia so you cna expect some really exciting and merciless action from this beautiful redheaded Mistress. This series of films sees Dominatrix V breaking in a newby slave.

She orders him to strip and collars him, introduces him to shoe worship and inspects his anal area to check he's shaved properly. Mistress then ties up his cock and balls and spread eagles him with wrist suspension and leg spreader bar to restrain him while she penetrates him anally to stretch him for a strap-on fucking.

Mistress then places the slave in a heavy leather bondage bag then spins him over on to his front so that she can undo the rear entry zip. Mistress penetrates him with her strapon on then instructs him to lick it clean. V then moves him to her whipping bench where she puts him on his back and hoists his legs over his head, gripping him by his ankels she  anally penetrates him again. She hoods him and changes to a different strapon cock to continue with his fucking. Having changed her cock Mistress uses it to milk his prostate.

The helpless slave has a prostate orgams. This is his very first prostate orgasm and not recognising that he is about to cum he neglects to ask Mistress for her permission. Mistress feeds his cum to him and punishes him with a riding crop and a cane, then sits on his face while she torments his nipples.

She then instructs him to kneel in front of her, spits in his mouth and tells him to suck her strap-on cock clean and wank himself under her instructions until he cums for a second time.

Mistress decides to see if she can make him cum for a third time by milking him with a Venus Pump while sitting on his face. The slave fails to manage a third orgasm so Mistress orders him to wank. The slave only manages a dry orgasm which Mistress finds disappointing so she slaps him and punishes his nipples, causing the slave to howl in pain, she then spits into his open mouth, gvies his cock a hard slapping and leaves.



Mistress Chatterley

2013-02-07 Mistress Chatterley 86:34 minutes Femdom
Mistress Chatterley 0
Mistress Chatterley 1
Mistress Chatterley 2
Mistress Chatterley 3
Mistress Chatterley 4

Blonde, tall, elegant and very dominant, Mistress Chatterely has it all, subjugating men with well practised ease. Extremely sadistic, Mistress Chatterley loves intense dungeon sessions and inflicting pain on her willing subjects,

This series of films shows Mistress Chatterley inflicting a severe dungeon session on her victim. Mistress Chatterley starts with a bull whipping then moves onto electrics, CBT, NT, ball busting, ball rope twisting and humbler befoe securing the slave on his back for a good fucking with an outsize strapon dildo followed by wank instructions.


The Hunteress

2013-01-31 The Hunteress 98:09 minutes Femdom
The Hunteress 0
The Hunteress 1
The Hunteress 2
The Hunteress 3
The Hunteress 4

Harshly beautiful, The Hunteress is a demon with the whip. Completely merciless she whips her slaves with ruthless savagery

Her humour cuts as keenly as her whips as she humiliates two male slaves and laughs and mocks their pathetic attempts to please her, using sjambok, cobra whips, caning, kicking, cropping, vacuum, finger nails, clamps, CBT, NT, fucking machine, inflatables, latex body bag, hooding and bondage to bring them to whimpering subjugation at her feet.



Daisy Rock

2013-01-24 Daisy Rock 61:01 minutes Femdom
Daisy Rock 0
Daisy Rock 1
Daisy Rock 2
Daisy Rock 3
Daisy Rock 4

International Porn Star Daisy Rock also enjoys domming men, she mixes an explosive combination of female domination and sex in these films which tick all the boxes.

Daisy's boyfriend has been unfaithful and Daisy is going to make him pay. She orders him to strip and worship and clean her gorgeous, shiny black boots, then she strips off her panties and throws them in his face, picks up a dildo and pleasures herself to orgasm, while making her boyfriend kiss and worship her shoes, stockings and bare feet.

But Daisy's favourite thing is anal, so she's soon playing with her favourite didlo, inserting it up her ass while her boyfriend is forbidden to look and must continue to worship Daisy's feet.

Daisy thinks of an even better use for her boyfriend's mouth, and puts a penis gag on him, fucks herself up the ass with the penis gag face and enjoys another thigh quivering orgasm

Finally Daisy promises her boyfriend that he'll now get to enjoy something himself if he closes his eyes. The poor dupe obeys her and finds hmself locked into a the CB2000 chastity device, with Daisy as the keyholder

Countess de Jager

2013-01-17 Countess de Jager 52:21 minutes Femdom
Countess de Jager 0
Countess de Jager 1
Countess de Jager 2
Countess de Jager 3
Countess de Jager 4

Countess de Jager - Slave Discipline

These films show the Countess de Jager training her lifestyle slaves in complete obedience to her authority.

The Countess is an enthusiastic smoker and uses slave nicholas's mouth for whatever she wants to put in it, chewing gum, spit, cigarette ash, cigar stubs. . When the Countess smokes she uses slave nicholas's mouth for her ash tray, and slave nicholas inhales the Countess's smoke and has his mouth used for the ash. When the Countess has finished smoking she stubs out her cigarettes and cigars in his mouth and he's required to swallow the stubs.

The Countess uses maid felicity for dungeon cleaning, her maid's mouth for shoe cleaning and her back for entertaining the Countess when she wishes to give her naturally long and very sharp nails some exercise.

The Countess's slave discipline is strict throughtout these films and failure is met by harsh punishments. The maid and slave receive bare bottom spanking, canings and clamping