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“Shall we see how easy it is to control a guy just with our gorgeous asses? Come here slave. Do you want to smell and taste our asses slave?” Mistress Ava plants her gorgeous butt on his face. 'Can you smell it? I think you can smell more pussy now more than butt. She bounces up and down on his face. Now its Ava Austen’s turn, she lowers her amazing ass onto his face. “I think we’re having a wood problem” says Mistress Ava. Oh the vibration of this nose! says Ava Austen.

Now its Mistress Adreena’s turn to take ass control of the slave she teases him with her ass before planting it on his face and shaking it about. Mistress Ava takes off her skirt. I’m going to completely use you. Ah this is so good. You know the best sex toy on planet earth? A slave face and this is why I love white slaves - it’s their noses. Mistress Ava bounces about wiggles her ass on the slave’s face.

“Is it a recommended ride Mistress?” Definitely. I don’t think I could’ve picked a smaller outfit if I tried. It is a good nose” I think its better the other way - she turns around, sits back down and grinds her ass into his face. “That’s it pant like dog”. “He does have a prominent nose - doesn’t he” “That’s all your good for isn’t it? Pleasuring us as our little ass machine.” “Now kiss our asses once on each cheek”. “Good now you’re dismissed”

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