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“You have a very small cock and nurse doesn’t like small cocks. You need to be put in chastity. I have a good selection of chastity cages. Which one is going to be the best fit for you I wonder?  This one won’t do because its very  very heavy and your pathetic small cock won’t hold it up. Now this one I like because its got a very small gap for your balls and it really squashes them, while this one, the CB3000, has ‘points of intrigue’  which make attempts at escape extremely painful.

I think I’m going to use the metal jailhouse cock cage on you, there’s no breaking out of this one.  Let’s see if it fits. Yes I think it fits very well. And I have the key - look I’m putting it in my mouth. Maybe I should swallow it? Its not as if I’ve got any use for your cock. Both myself and my visiting Mistress friends like male slaves kept in chastity, because it means that they are permanently under our control.

Wearing chastity will help you to focus on becoming a better sub. Males are visual creatures entirely preoccupied with their own deviant interests and it will teach you that seeing me deliciously semi naked with my breasts on display, doesn’t mean that your cock is going to get any pleasure.  I am going to feminize you and your cock will be a sissy clitty. Your only pleasure will be my expanding your ass with a speculum and pegging it with my many strap-on cocks. 

You are going to be made to lick up the mess after you are cuckolded. I will pour the contents of the condom into your mouth. I am going to lock you away for one month initially, subject to good behaviour. If you do anything that displeases me I will extend your incarceration.  Any removal of your chastity cage does not entitle you to have an orgasm, you must ask for permission before cuming. I’m putting the key on a chain around my neck now and I’m going to bring one of my boys in and have him fuck you while I watch and laugh.

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