Sex: female

Available for shooting: yes

Eye color: brown

Hair color: brunette

Weight: 120 lbs

Size of dress: 8 (according to EU standard)

Size of shoes: 5 (according to EU standard)

Size of bra: 32D


I'm Lady Bellatrix and I know that men are my natural inferiors and I treat them as such. I am to be worshipped and admired, your job, oh lowly one, is to please my every whim and submit to me.

I am slim, beautiful, elegant and very sexy, but you must understand that I always call the shots. I dominate, you obey.

If a slave pleases me I will permit him to enjoy my golden nectar, receive the blessing of a good hard whipping at my hands, submit to my spitting in his mouth, worship my divine boots, be privileged to have me sitting on his face and to submit to me in any other way that I choose.